Monday, 5 May 2014

[WeLiveTogether] Abigail Mac, Shae Summers (Girlie Grind / 01.02.2014)

Abigail and Shae go on a shopping excursion. Abigail can't keep her eyes off Shae the entire trip. When they get back Abigail comments on Shae's jacket and quickly removes it. She gets right to the point and Shae approves with a kiss. Shae is new to the girl-girl thing but Abigail doesn't break her in slowly. She flips her over, rips down her pants, and submerges her face between Shae's ass right on the kitchen counter. Shae's all in now and the move to the living room to get more comfortable. They continue fondling each other; licking and sucking each others tits, clits, and pussy lips. Eventually both girls are dripping on wet with pussy juice as they climax multiple times.

Girlie Grind

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