Thursday, 8 May 2014

[FakeAgentUK] Stacey (Episode 47 / 12.26.2013)

I love a girl with tattoos and Stacey has got them all over her gorgeous slim body. Fucking beautiful. Work of art. Like with all the girls that come to my door, money is the driving force, and I offer a big fat wad of it. But like I say, offer it, sell it, but never, rarely give it, apart from that one time with a smoking hot blonde girl I paid... Well, anyway, back to Stacey. What a figure, she's tall, slim, dark haired and has a fantastic set of tits, not to mention a paper slit of a pussy and of course some very cool tatts running over her beautiful tanned body. Now good old Stacey was a bit apprehensive about taking her clothes off and strumming her pussy on camera but as usual I talked her around. Fuck, with this silver tongue I'd talk Sir Alan Sugar into giving me a job. Not just as an apprentice, a real fucking job. So, after I get her all warmed up with some self masturbation, I told her the next step was getting those big blow job lips around my shaft... Needless to say the silver tongue had to come out again to win her around and it wasn't long before I was balls deep in her throat. It wasn't long before the urge to get into her tight little pussy took over and the general was off. But this time I thought I'd put the sofa to the test, so I placed Stacey on the arm of the chair and fucked her madly until she nearly fell off. After a few more armchair antics I got her to do a bit of work on top.

FakeAgentUK Stacey

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